Sunday, November 28, 2010

and love to last a lifetime!

"You have chosen each other above all the rest
To share your love and laughter
To live life at its best.
May you always fill each other's lives with love"

congratulations to
Mr. Darwis & Madam Siti Zakiyatul Mardziah

Wishing you every happiness as you begin your life together
Best wishes on your Wedding Day

Uniqlo? so?

Uniqlo the Japanese brand has just opened its first outlet in Malaysia after it made a big debut in the neighborhood Singapore recently.. Malaysia’s first Uniqlo store opening at Fahrenheit 88 which formerly known as Kl Plaza in the heart of Kl shopping district, the Golden Triangle- Bukit Bintang.

the entereance
im not a big fan of this brand, heck i don't even own one. just wanna to explore and find out what and why everybody keeps on talking about i texted a friend of mine, Nizuan asking wherether he interested to join me and he answered 'yes, i would like to!'..then we met each other at the klsentral since he drives all the way from damansara..finally, we went there at about 3pm, just for the thrills and to see the bloody madness about it.

Before that we had our lunch at the Chee Meng an authentic Hainanese chicken rice..the place itself looks very ordinary but of course we cant judge the book by its cover. so we ordered the signature dish, the chicken rice and i must admit they are quite delicious and the most important thing is despite the name which is very Chinese but this restaurant serves halal foods.
You won’t regret it
Anyway, these are how Uniqlo Kl looks like. so huge, so bright, so fun..
dont worry they accept credit card..

nice huh?
In the store, you’ll find garments from simple t-shirts to formal wear to winter wear. in my view, Uniqlo’s line of clothes is for the simple and functional consumer at an affordable price with awesome quality. the fabric used for most of their garments were soft and comfortable too.
my concern is the size, I want size S!!!
Everybody seems to be buying everything like its end of the world.. but some of the stuffs are kinda tacky and way out of the Malaysian weather spectrum.they have a lot of pretty winter wears this season. Affordable too.. but too bad Malaysia is hot, hot, HOT! its winter season out there! shall wait for the next season then.. nothing much for me though, but i did manage to get some stuffs.
sekadar menambah2kan hutang..
But overall, i love the outlet, prices and clothes. it’s going onto my regular places to shop list... kot

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

how people change...

Someone (so did my sister) said to me recently that i've changed and i absolutely believe them and theres nothing i can say much.. thats the reality i need to face..
but i believe not all changes are bad. some changes are good and really can motivate you. take for example a little photo-series i've gathered up the courage to put together for you.. (you're freely to say anything.. haha)

i was so skinny back then during my school years..somewhere 46kg!
during my adolescence 1998

 how i wish to have this ideal body again..
5th September 2010. 3 days before Eid

blame for the unhealthy uncontrolled  foods during Eid!
looked like i've been pumped-up with that nitrogen gasses just waiting the right time to be exploded!
9th October 2010
 ::after the after::
5th November 2010
2 days ago.. 22nd November 2010

So, as you can see some of the changes i've made with my life and to myself are WAY for the better. And the questionable ones? well, i'm working on those..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?
then you can try sleeping in my bed
i keep on humming this song... and i know sleeping with a broken heart is impossible.. its hard.. really hard..
its been an hour since listening to the same song it has so much meaning and i know my freind is sleeping with a broken heart last night... so this is for you..

Even if you are a million miles away
I could still feel you in my bed
Near me, touch me, feel me

And even at the bottom of the sea
I could still hear it inside my head
Telling me, touch me, feel me
And all the time, you were telling me lies

So tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
I’m gonna hold on to the times that we had
Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you

Have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?
Well you could try sleeping in my bed
Lonely, own me, nobody ever shut it down like you

You are the clown, you made my body feel heaven bound
Why don’t you hold me, need me
I thought you told me you’d never leave me

Looking in the sky I could see your face
And I knew right where I fit in
Take me, make me, you know that I’ll always be in love with you
Right till the end

So tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
I’m gonna hold on to the times that we had
Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you

Anybody could’ve told you right from the start it’s ‘bout to fall apart
So why not then hold on to a broken dream or just hold on to love
And I could find a way to make it, don’t hold on too tight
I’ll make it without you tonight

So tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
I’m gonna find a way to make it without you
I’m gonna hold on to the times that we had
Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pets ride...

I have always had pets as a child and cant stop now that im already an adult.. i have 3 cats, 3 bunnies and a small aquarium that included an assortment of colourful guppies, a very striking tetras, some small snails and 6 reddish shrimps back there in Sabah.. i believe there is an important bond between humans and animals that we can use to enrich our lives as it has enriched my life..
I wont be around for 6 weeks and i realize that having pets need a huge commitments.. so i asked my students Hafiz and Sapawi to take care of my pets as my pets need a place to call home over the holidays..
so a journey of an hour and a half has begun from Bukit Garam to Sandakan..

I have always had strong passion for animals especially cats
I love my cat Lulu and her kitties. i know im doing my absolute best for them..
They are the best friends you could ever have!
gonna miss u muchly
Having Mr and Mrs Bunnies is so much fun but it needs a tremendous amount of work.. The cage had to be cleaned every day compares to cats they are fairly inexpensive with little maintenance. i still love my bunnies so much after all..
enjoying the ride
well, just like us, pets thrive on our attention.. the more love you give, the more you will get back.
Barbara, Cici and Coyotito
to Lulu, Barbara, Cici and Coyotito.. wait for me.. i'll be back in short times! gonna miss you all so badly ;-(
just dont nakal2 over there. people will hate you..take care of urself until we meet again..muah!

im free...

what's on my mind?
free to go
coz im happy with my life

Monday, November 22, 2010

finally revealed!

as usual, i wont go home without anything in my hand.. been searching what to put inside the box since last thursday evening.. then i suddenly remembered that everywhere in Sandakan we can find cheap fresh seafood.. Sandakan has rich diversity of marine life with a large variety of seafood, most of which i rarely had before (because its very costly back here in KL).. The seafood is very fresh. The price are affordable and reasonable.. heaven for seafood lovers like me..

so, the time has come so lets me reveal what inside my polystyrene box even the Customs people at the airport cannot traced it..hehe
(consider myself as a smuggler) 
what inside this white polystyrene box???

I love fish, any kind of fish and of course king mackerel (Tenggiri) is always my all time favorite. unfortunately found none of it at the market.. so, i decided just to buy the red snapper since it looked very fresh and it has a great, firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor..
2 red snappers appx 2kg each (Rm10/kg)
the flounder makes my mouth water just thinking about it! At any rate, flounder are one of my favorite fish.
2 flounders appx 1 kg each (Rm7/kg)
i always wanted ketam masak lemak cili padi dengan nenas all this year around.. i just cant get enough of it.. i suppose you can call it crabs cooked in spicy coconut gravy with pineapples. i like the surprise of cracking it's tough shell and see if i've hit the flesh jackpot.. for this time i managed to find some flower crabs instead of stone crabs which are more solid flesh and for a lack of a better word, are crunchier and more filling..
2kg of big fresh crabs (Rm10/kg)
a very best friend of mine text-ed me if there any calamari there in sandakan.. i said dont worry i'll find some for you..
1.5kg of big fresh calamaris (Rm15/kg)
there's nothing in this world can beat my mum's cooking especially when she cooks fish head curry! a signature of her own.. The texture of the flesh from the fish head is so smooth and surprisingly there was quite a lot of flesh to eat. As my sister did not like the idea of eating the head, my mum added fish fillet so that she can enjoy the dish as well. i love every single thing from the fish head except the eye balls..

i still remember when I was a child, my brother chased me around with a  fish head and he convinced me that the fish was going to eat me up! hahaha very funny...
a very delicious fish head curry cooked by my mum

fish head curry goes well with fried salted fish.. a very good combination. simply delicious.. these salted gelama fish were given by miss Zila all the way from Tawau.. so sedap!

fried salted gelama fish with big onions and cili padi
so there you go.. a hand carry box of almost 10kg! no wonder my arms feel so ache!!


Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 Malaysia...

malam td dengan penuh semangat sebelum tidur sudah plan mau gi jogging or brisk walking since aku timbang berat aku malam td amatlah memeranjatkan.. tidak percaya tp itulah hakikatnya..BMI aku yg aku maintain dari Normal bertahun2 lamanya skrg dah masuk ke fasa Over Weight!!! how scary.. i need to do something.. again unfortunately pagi ini hujan sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. luckily i have plan B.. workout dlm bilik sahaja..

so skrg ni aku serius untuk menurunkan berat aku at least 5kg untuk mendapatkan berat yg ideal semula..
aku akui aku mmg suka makan. aku makan apa yg aku mahu.. tidak kira pagi ptg siang malam even tgh malam pun aku mkn.. mulai saat ini, aku harus menukar gaya pemakanan aku dan juga lebih berhati2 dlm memilih makanan..

harus di kurangkan

aku bukanlah terlalu obses dengan berat badan aku.. cuma mengikuti nasihat doktor supaya menjaga kesihatan dan pemakanan.. lgpun aku beranggapan golongan 'Hobbit' tidak sesuai jika berisi kerana lebih menampakkan kebulatannya (mcm doraemon) hehehe

Frodo adalah idolaku tp nda aku suka kaki yg berbulu itu haha

ini bukan promosi Airasia!

Assalamualaikum.. lama kiranya aku tak update blog aku ni.. almost 3 weeks rasanya.. kehidupan aku lately biasa2 sahaja tiada perkara yang menarik yang mahu dikongsi. cuma skrg ni ada masa terluang kerana aku cuti selama 6 minggu jd ada la masa nak update blog..

semalam adalah perjalanan dari Sandakan ke Kl yang sangat memenatkan. kenapa? sebab flight aku delay sampai 2 jam! Oh penantian itu adalah satu penyeksaan..
what took u so long???

aku tidak makan since tengahari gara2 sibuk packing.. lagipun tiada selera mau makan.. maybe sebab sudah terbayang2 masakan mama di rumah.. so sengaja bagi perut kosong jd di rumah nti aku pikir bolehla melantak sepuas2nya. unfortunately, disebabkan kepenatan menunggu yg agak lama aku terpaksa juga mengisi perutku di atas sana.

 a very familiar one..

I like the food in the menu eventhough it's expensive.
 seingat aku selama 2jam45minit aku di atas sana kebanyakkan masa aku di isi dengan beradu.. cuma sekali sekala terbangun apabila flight bergegar melanggar awan.. cepat2 mengucap n berzikir..

"Aku naik saksi bahawa tiada Tuhan yang disembah melainkan Allah dan aku naik bersaksi bahawa nabi Muhammad itu pesuruh Allah"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

annual dinner 2010

Annual Dinner SMK Bukit Garam
5 Nov 2010

 An enjoyable evening was had by all at our 2010 Annual Dinner held at the Sandakan Hotel. 

Theme :
Black and White


Queen Scheherazade tells her stories to King Shahryar.

Hood Kamel al-Fayed

while waiting to be served
mouth watering dishes


Miss Gorgeous and me

what so funny?

Tales of One Thousand and One Nights..

Duta Besar Arab ke Malaysia..haha

Monday, November 1, 2010

things we've been enjoying..

i think im falling for you ;-)
Just thinking about you

there's nothing better than relaxing outside and enjoying the breath taking scenery
smile =)
pretending becoming an orca!
to the right... to the right
its like heaven!
so relaxing..

scandalous? i dont think so! haha

at the jetty.. we're about to leave ;-(

ideal vacation: clear crystal water + white sandy beach
snorkeling time
Goodbye! Mabul Island!
Thank you for all the lovely memories you have given us!
to be continued...