Sunday, December 19, 2010

tutti frutti

I like this place
it so happened when my little sister called a friend of her after we had finish our dinner at the Satay Station last night while we were at the pasar malam (night market) at Jalan TAR just to fill our spared time since we had nothing to do and it been ages ago since my last time being there. i found nothing special to spend my money there so we drove straight away to Solaris Dutamas at Jalan Duta to try this so-called Tutti Frutti.
A4-G2-06, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

before i tried Tutti Frutti i was a huge Yogur Berry fan. i especially loved Yogur Berry since it's very close to my former work place in Bukit Bintang. My only problem with Yogur Berry was that their yogurt is very soft and melts so quickly!
this place is definitely the best self-serve yogurt place
i pumped out 3 flavors. strawberry banana, passion fruit and chocolate. fresh strawberries, lychees and peaches for topping
Ayin's :: vanilla, chocolate and passion fruit. oreo and peaches for topping

I absolutely love the passion fruit flavor
nice place, good location. my BFF told me
SOOOO much more refreshing! the flavors are the BEST- real healthy yogurt that is delicious!
mmm yummy yogurt!!
Tutti Frutti has an extremely pleasant, clean, cool, bright atmosphere which is i like the most. The worker is really friendly and they keep this place spotless (even the bathroom) and the tables are never sticky at all.
this place just opened 3 months ago
just sharing the price. the yogurt is really good but price a bit costly
choose and add-in your fav topings
more toppings to choose

They were all very good, healthier and had a lot richer flavor than some of the other places i've tried. I definitely will come again to try some other flavors.
before went home tapau some more for mama and Azza's mum..
with that kind of price this are the size of the small cup

Saturday, December 18, 2010

satay station!

our mission to had a dinner at the Satay Station last week was un-accomplished due of my niece, Ata Aziz was not feeling well. my sister texted me and postponed it to the next week..but i cant help myself. the satay (chicken or beef skewers) and mee rebus (noodles with a spicy slightly sweet curry-like gravy) have both been playing in my mind since then right after my sister (the food goddess) told me about this particular 'makan' place.
well, a week passed and there we were sitting at the Satay Station finally. went there a bit earlier around 5.30pm for two main reasons: trying to avoid the crazy crowd and of course the biggest fear of all-the traffic jam.
Ata is the 'lencai' in my sister arms
call this number to your door service
luckily this time when we reached there no private functions or birthday party being held. the timing is just right for us where the crowd is not yet that bad only a few here and there. we were so lucky again because we managed to grab a seat in the house inside this lovely room. 

our 'port'
the other room
for me the interior of the house is very well decorated. it was nice well decorated with Malay traditional house and the "kampung" atmosphere they've created at this place. there are 2 rooms and 2 sections in the house which offers 6 tables altogether. in one of the section, there's even a TV set provided. The rooms are for those who wants more privacy, i guess.

It didn't took that long for the food to arrive at our table. well, it shouldn't actually since they only have 2 things here- the mee rebus and satay. The mee rebus is pre-prepared, so they only have to prepare the satay then.
the smoke and satay fragrance constantly oozing out

so we ordered 20 sticks for chicken satay, 20 sticks for beef satay, 5 bowls of mee rebus and a jug of fresh green apple with assam boi. 
i tell you the meats on each satay is chunky and lean with little fat or skin, which would take at least three bites for the average person like me to finish it.
it was big and i only managed to eat 7 of it
simply delicious mee rebus
a satay experience with a different twist. try it yourself!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a quick trip to jakarta

Finally we arrived at Jakarta after an almost 3-hours drove via the highway from Bandung. nothing much we did during the journey except gazing and sightseeing at the beautiful scenic outside the van while having some chit-chat with each other. Other than take a quick sleep..

green paddy terrace along the journey

we're almost there..
well, after a-none-stop shopping all day long at the very famous Mangga Dua shopping mall, we checked-in at the Orchardz Hotel. the hotel is located at Jalan Industri Raya and very near to the Mangga Dua shopping area and the Ancol theme park (Ancol theme park is similar to what we have here in Malaysia-the Sunway Lagoon theme park)
personally why i like this hotel is because the price is so reasonable for a hotel at that location. suit to the hotel motto- unbeatable price!

Check-in and check-out was attended to by courteous staff

my other two travel buddy (Alyenda and Nizuan)

just sharing with you. see im not lying

I like the minimalist design of the hotel, the room and the lobby. i was quite suprised that it was just a 3 star hotel, i thought it should be a 4-5 star hotel. i highly recommend this hotel for those who are looking for a medium class hotel if you're in Jakarta.

i very pleased with this hotel and its service

we stayed in a standard room which is on the 8th floor (shared the room 807 with Nizuan) while Alyenda stayed alone at room 808. the room was again pretty spacious and cozy with in box safety box, satellite tv and the most important it has free wifi. at least i can fbooking again without any roaming charges..

p/s: while writing this post, i realized that this hotel doesnt have any swimming pool at all (or maybe i havent fully explore this whole hotel yet) but that doesnt botter me much.


Monday, December 13, 2010

overweight to normal

my latest BMI shows im back on track! really made my day ;-) hahaha

BMI 24.1 - Normal weight
 TQ tanter for your amazing "Obat Langsing Ajaib".. i already lost 1.5kg in just 3days! and the best part is i dont have any constipation problem anymore.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

nasi lewet bandung..

I've heard a lot about the uniqueness of having lunch or dinner at a authentic Sundanese restaurant but never have the opportunity yet until last week during my trip to Indonesia. i dont really remembered whats the restaurant's name that my sister recommended since she went there just a few weeks before. i always believe what she says because for me, my sister and her husband is like a 'dewa-dewi makan' (food god and goddess). they have a very good and high taste in foods. but as long as its Sundanese restaurant it will be ok for me. so we dined at Sari Pawon Restaurant.
me at the enterance. pretty scary!

actually there were 5 of us.

the place definitely looks a bit mysterious for me when i first arrived. just take a look at the entrance. do you see a restaurant or a souvenir shop?

a restaurant of local style
deciding where to sit

lovely place to sit and enjoy our meal. inside a village hut
the path that leads us to our small hut
'ikan kalui' (gurame)

Sari Pawon Restaurant looks like any ordinary restaurant we could find back here in KL, but only from the outside. Once inside, there are cute bamboo huts and serene water features decorations that brought us closer to nature.
'nasi Lewet Nampan Parahiyangan Bandung'
'nasi Lewet Nampan Parahiyangan Bandung' is a delicious and tasteful rice cooked with some herbs and coconut milk normally served with 'ayam opor panggang' (soy sauce roasted chicken), 'ikan masin' (salted fish), 'tahu' (beancurd/tofu), 'tempe' (soybean cake), 'sambal' (spicy chillies condiment), 'kerupuk' (tapioca chips) and 'lalap' (bitter bean, cucumber and fresh basil)
Traditionally, nasi lewet is served on a banana leaf.

overall food was fantastic!
this really made me off!!
what the heck!!! its chicken's head!!!

i still can consider if they served the chicken's feet or chicken's neck or chicken's gizzard or chicken's backside but chicken's head really turned my eating mood off! sorry to say for me it was so gross!

Friday, December 10, 2010

journey to Jakarta

I had a good sleep last night at Grand Perdana Wisata hotel, Bandung. so this morning on our second day in Indonesia we decided to go to Jakarta for 2 days. it took about 3 hours journey time from Bandung to Jakarta drive via the highway. the highway in Indonesia looks alike our highway back here in Malaysia. it made me felt like i was in Malaysia along the way to Jakarta.
Jakarta here we come..

toll gate
after about 2 hours ride we stopped at the RnR station to go to the toilet, fill up our stomach and my mouth suddenly watering when i saw a stall selling 'Tahu Semedang Saribumi' (Semedang Saribumi deep fried beancurd/tofu with small chillies). it slightly salty but still i like the idea of eating beancurd together with chilies. hot yet tasty..

i personally like the word 'gratis' which means free

the next stall sells 'tape Bendul' (traditional fermented tapioca)
my right hand holding the chili while the beancurd on my left hand
Travelling around Jakarta was really stressful. The roads are congested with heavy traffic  jam especially during peak hours, early morning and late evening. Moreover, Jakarta’s roads are notorious for undisciplined driver behaviour and breaking the transportation laws are common.
'macet' (traffic jam) is everywhere in Jakarta
'macet' infront of Mangga Dua mall

we finally arrived at Jakarta around 11am. first we headed straight away to Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang shopping complex to shop. Yes it was a shopping spree trip so most of our time spent in the malls other than factory until we drop!

about to enter Tanah Abang shopping centre
at the end of the day we checked-in at Orcharz Hotel, Jakarta which situated around 15 minutes walking distance from Mangga Dua mall but because of the 'macet' heavily during that night it took us around 45 minutes just to arrived at the hotel..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

in flight food

i've been flying with MAS since 4 years ago and while their food has improved a lot over the years, delicious was never the adjective to describe the food on board but still tasty  to eat above average. i was flying with MAS again to Bandung and as usual, i acted like an  'orang jakun' taking the pictures of my food and the plane.
So , here's what i had.
i think they tasted average with all the right flavors
i was like "oh no why noodle!!" and to be honest it tasted bad

my lunch box came with everything for a full course meal, the main course was briani rice with chicken curry in flight KL-Bandong while upon flight Bandung-KL they served fried noodle with oyster chicken, the appetizer and desert being the same for both flight which was a slice of fruit cake, and a ferrora rocher.

the briani rice was pretty good
i didnt really like the noodle but i was so hungry like a horse!

well, sorry to say if you're flying on a short distance like KL-JB or SDK-KK (an hour flight or less) don't expect to get any lunch box. you'll only be served a packet of salted peanuts and a cup of juice of your choice normally either orange or pink guava juice