Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Burger Bakar Abang Burn

you must be crazy!

Actually it happened when I dropped by at my sis's house yesterday evening to take some 'mangga apple muda' and she asked me whether I have tried the Burger Bakar or not? I said not yet and of course curiosity got hold of me and I decided I got to try this giant burger to see how's the taste like. So we decided to go to the Ampang and luckily us the queue was not as long as the one at Wangsa Maju..
When we arrived, I was looking for Kaw Kaw because I saw it in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. I am not sure why it is called Abang Burn instead..
I looked around at the staff. No one seems to be slacking around. It is very well organized. Two chefs were barbecuing the meat patties and deep frying the chicken patties. It looks like a factory line where around two staffs were diligently toasting the bread, arranging the cooked patties on them, putting the sauce and packing.
They were all wearing gloves, so hygiene was the least of anyone’s concern. I looked curiously at their raw patties. They are definitely home made, perhaps it is going to be worth every ringgit that I am going to pay I think...
grilling section
packing section
so we placed our order and dont have to wait long..
Now to the burgers. They are good and value for money, (for the period). Flame grilled burgers tends to be more juicier. Besides, the marinade used in Burger Bakar must be something special. Both me and my brother-in-law could taste a hint of fresh black pepper and herbs in the meat patty with generous serving of chili sauce, mixed greens, mayonaise in between 2 burger buns.
Didi ordered Double Beef Burger
Mine- A regular beef burger with cheese
Bob's- Regular beef burger with salami
The burger was fabulously delicious. It wasnt too dry or too wet. Its definitely worth a second trip. Thumbs up to the owner and founder of Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw and Abang Burn. You have created another milestone in our Malaysian street food fare. Im sure  going back for more..

the price

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Late Dinner at Mali's Corner

my late dinner: 

Char Kuey Tiaw..
Mali's Corner, Danau Kota

23rd May 2012




Recomend to friend?



even over the distance...
you are the one who lights up my darkest night...
even over the distance...
you are among the closest being to me...
even over the distance...
you make me feel loved for every single second that goes by...
thank you, you...

Monday, May 14, 2012



This is the Ralf Lauren Polo Black that I love so much.. i believe the theory of a great perfume can bring some charm into the most humdrums of days.  i really love the smell. suit me. truly me indeed..
But... It is going to finish soon... ;-(
Wondering myself who is kind enough to treat me this? :-)

a mixture of iced mango, spanish sage, patchouli noir, sandalwood, and tonka bean