Thursday, September 6, 2012

the Four-door finally mine!

bigger fridge means easier to organize?

This is the four-door Hitachi fridge which i bought yesterday. i've been dreaming of using this type of fridge since ages ago and now Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah its finally mine! i dont know, eventhough i live alone, i still have problems with my old two-door LG fridge i mean in term of its storage capacity. still not enough for me and i need a bigger one (the problem is i like to buy foods without any purposes or reasons).

i like to see my foods in neat proper order and i hate it when i open the door and eggs falling out from nowhere.. its really too much!

i've been surveying on fridges since a couple of months ago and i was keen on Samsung's double french doors fridges but this not-so-latest model by Hitachi has bowled me over! finally i made up my mind to chose Hitachi based on its size, design and i think this is one of the best refrigerators as compared to all other refrigerators in it class available in the market. I like the cooling factor that helps you in saving of electricity and also your money and its water dispenser is conveniently integrated in the front door area anytime time that u need it..
sold my two-door LG fridge to my friend for only Rm300

Somehow, somewhere i’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how big the fridge may be, there’s will be never enough storage space. i might be thinking of buying a bigger and more doors fridge in the future..  woooooo

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  1. Saya sdh pasang Hitachi 4 pintu, tapi bagaimana membuka ice makernya? ditekan2 tidak juga keluar..... please response to thanks ditunggu..........